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  • What is a panic attack?
A panic attack produces acute anxiety for a short time. Initially, they occur unpredictably, but they can become associated with certain locations or circumstances, like being in a crowded location. They usually only last a few minutes, but the sensations experienced in that short time can be quite intense.
  • What symptoms can be associated with panic attacks?
* Feelings of impending doom.
* Intense feelings of fear.
* Palpitations.
  • Why do I get them?
Panic attacks can be caused by excessive stress and also food intolerance. They can be a sign that there is an imbalance in your system. When you have an imbalance, you are also susceptible to various diseases which can settle in weak areas of your body. You can check to see if there is an imbalance in your system.
  • What things can make it better?
Restore balance to your system. Relaxation and meditation can help. Get proper rest and proper nutrition. Consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment. Psychiatric counseling may be needed for severe cases.
  • How do I prevent panic attacks from recurring?
If you take the Balance Analysis and find that there is an imbalance in your system, you can generally restore balance through simple, natural methods that affect your food choices and activity choices. You can do this by visiting an Ayurvedic physician or by ordering a Personalized Report for Restoring Balance. These methods will help your system to function correctly.

       Find out if you have any imbalance in your system. This analysis takes you through a self-examination, guided by AI software, where you examine yourself for signs and interact with the web application. Proper balance is the key to a long and healthy life filled with vitality. Start this FREE check now.

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