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Fair Value of Your Options

If your options were sold in an open market, "fair value" is the price that would be fair to both the buyer and the seller at the time of valuation.

Fair value is obtained from Nobel Prize winning formulas that determine fair falue based on calculated probabilities of the future price of your company stock and historical price data of your company stock.

The parameters that are used in these formulas include your company stock price at the time of valuation, the strike (grant) price of your options, the date of valuation, the expiration date of your options, the risk-free interest rate, annual dividends paid by your company, and the volatility of your company stock over the term of the option. Historical volatility of the price of your company stock is used for this projection.

Our fair value calculations are based on Nobel Prize winning formulas that have been used for many years to value stock options. You can get more information on the Nobel Prize for option valuation and you can also review the assumptions of the option pricing model.

Find Out the Fair Value of Your Options Now and make Projections for the Future!

Use our employee stock option analysis services to find out the fair value of your options right now and make projections to see what they should be worth in the future. Pick the best time to exercise your options and find out how much money you will walk away with. Maximize Your Retirement Funds!

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