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Chart Logo IBS - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is IBS? What is nervous stomach?
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or spastic colon is a very common disorder of the intestine and can be a recurrent condition. It is characterized by abdominal pain and constipation or diarrhea, or alternating bouts of both. It is sometimes referred to as nervous stomach.
  • What symptoms can be associated with IBS?
* Constipation.
* Diarrhea.
* Mucus in stools.
* Abdominal pain, distention, and swelling.
  • What things can make it better?
Antispasmodics can relieve some of the muscular spasm. Restore balance to your system. See your physician immediately for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Why did I get it?
It can be caused by stress or anxiety or intolerance of some foods like wheat, cheese, corn or eggs. It can be caused by excess refined foods and sweets or lack of dietary fiber. Your susceptibility to get it can be caused by an imbalance in your system. You can check to see if there is an imbalance in your system..
  • How do I prevent IBS from recurring?
Maintain a healthy diet. Reduce excess refined foods and sweets. Increase dietary fiber. Minimize stress and anxiety. If you take the Balance Analysis and find that there is an imbalance in your system, you can generally restore balance through simple, natural methods that affect your food choices and activity choices. You can do this by visiting an Ayurvedic physician or by ordering a Personalized Report for Restoring Balance. These methods will help your body's systems to function correctly.

       Find out if you have any imbalance in your system. This analysis takes you through a self-examination, guided by AI software, where you examine yourself for signs and interact with the web application. Proper balance is the key to a long and healthy life filled with vitality. Start this FREE check now.

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