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Please read what users have to say about our software product, Ayurveda Almanac. This on-line Ayurvedic Analysis is based on the analyses in this excellent program.

  • "Ayurveda Almanac is a great resource for both the layman and professional. It is a versatile tool which can assess imbalance and recommend steps for restoring balance, based on the traditional wisdom of Ayurveda. It is an impressive product that gives the user easy access to accurate and useful information on Ayurveda. This important tool will help people to learn how they can improve their own health through simple and natural methods described in the program, tailored to their specific needs. I highly recommend it."
    ----- Milind Sathe, MD. University of Pune, India

  • "I am currently studying Ayurveda with Dr. David Frawley and have found this program to be very helpful. It words the subject of Ayurveda in an easy to understand way, even if you've never experienced Ayurveda before. The program contains tests to help you find what your dosha type (body type) is and also a test to help you find what your doshic imbalance is. The program provides tips for regaining balance, helps you find an Ayurvedic doctor/clinic near you, tips on exercise, diet, meditation and preventative information for your dosha type. The program also saves all your information PLUS any family/friends who want to use this program as a step towards better health. The program contains a glossary and a general information area which helps to give the viewer a more rounded understanding of Ayurveda, the whys and wherefores, etc. Even if you don't plan to use it in the way it was partially designed for, it still serves as valuable information. "
    ----- Amazon Customer Review, Greeley, Colorado

  • "Ayurveda Almanac is definitely a very promising approach in combining an ancient wisdom with the benefits of modern technology. It helps to find and use information in the most efficient way. I believe that it has a great future and will help many practitioners who are learning and using Ayurvedic medicine."
    ----- Sergey Preobrazhensky, Ph.D. USANA Research, Salt Lake City, Utah

  • "What I really appreciate about Ayurveda Almanac is that it offers my clients an opportunity to continue care at home that will build on their experience at our Spa. Additionally, there is a wealth of information in the Almanac that the client can explore at their leisure. If they want to work with their diet or start a yoga or meditation program, the Almanac can get them started. It is a great educational tool, and that is a responsibility we feel for all of our clients: to help them become better informed and in doing so take an active role in maintaining their wellness. By having the Almanac available in our store we feel a great educational tool is waiting for any of our guests before returning home.
    ----- Craig Lozzi, Owner, Fallbrook Wellness Spa

  • "I am a practising allopathic physician with a recent keen interest in preventative medicine, and after much research I find that ayurveda is the only science that has the understanding and methods to practice it. I recently purchased Ayurveda Alamanac off the internet after trialling and browsing through many others, and I find it an excellent product. It guides me throuugh the various ayurvedic principles and how to assess prakruti. The instructions are easy to follow and one is easily guided through it with the ability to assess imbalances and the recommended steps to balance them. I highly recommend this software to anyone who is keen to learn to practice ayurveda, both for personal and professional reasons."
    ----- Dr. Amrat Lad, New Zealand

  • "Ayurveda Almanac made it easy for me to find where my body was getting out of balance. I followed the steps it recommended to restore balance and now I feel much better. I think it is a great tool for preventing disease."
    ----- Chris Norris

  • "This program is great. It will be my guide."
    ----- Henrique Wagner

  • "The automated interface of Ayurveda Almanac makes it very easy to learn about Ayurveda. I could find the information I was looking for in just one or two mouse clicks through its wonderful automated glossary. It really helps me in the courses I am taking in Ayurveda."
    ----- Joyce Nesbitt

  • "This is just to much for me to .................
    thanks for being there."
    ----- Philip Thorpe

  • "I was not familiar with Ayurveda until I purchased Ayurveda Almanac. It has really changed the way I view the process of disease. Now I understand that I can detect early signs of disease and stop its progress before symptoms develop. The recommended steps are simple to follow and don't cost anything. I used to get sick frequently at the changing of the seasons, but not anymore."
    ----- Mary Beckman

  • "I was really impressed with the analysis that I got....It is a very useful tool for me."
    ----- Annie!, personal trainer, yoga teacher, and massage therapist

       Your Mind/Body Type, Nutrition Buide, and Balance Assessment can all be determined by an Ayurvedic practitioner or they can be determined on-line as you quickly scroll through a list of interactive screens. This on-line application gives you a complete analysis of your present state-of-balance, steps for restoring balance, your Mind/Body Type and Personalized Nutrition Guide, including the foods, exercises, and activities that are best for you and which you should avoid. It also gives you the signs to watch out for that indicate when you need to take steps to stay balanced. Place your order now or read on about further benefits that this analysis provides for you.

    100% Money Back Guarantee. Order it now! It will change your life!

    [List Price: $79.]   [Our Price: $60.]   [You Save: $19.]

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