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Chart Logo Comprehensive Ayurvedic Analysis

       This comprehensive Ayurvedic Analysis includes an Ayurvedic Balance Analysis, Mind/Body Type Analysis, and Personalized Ayurvedic Nutrition Guide. These detailed analyses provide the information you need to determine if there is any imbalance in your system, restore balance to your system, and help you maintain balance and excellent health using Ayurveda, personalized for YOU!

       The path to health, using Ayurveda, starts with an on-line detailed self-exam of your body and its waste products to determine if there are any indications of imbalance or early signs of disease. If an imbalance is found, you get a detailed report for Restoring Balance including a detailed list of the foods that will help you restore balance as well as a list of the foods that have an unbalancing effect on you, which you should reduce or avoid. Our on-line software will guide you through the self-exam, telling you what to look for. It is quick and easy to do.

       You also get your Mind/Body Type Analysis included. Everyone is born with a specific mind-body type that influences their physical, psychological, and behavioral traits, as well as their preferences and tastes. When you learn what your mind-body type is, you get insight into your basic nature. It helps you to understand why you tend to react to situations and circumstances in the way that you do. This insight not only helps you to cope with situations, circumstances, other people, and stress, but also helps you to flourish in the knowledge that you are the way that you were meant to be, when you are in balance.

       You also get your Personalized Ayurvedic Nutrition Guide which helps you to understand what foods are best for you when you are in a balanced state and which foods tend to imbalance you. The recommendations are based on your Mind/Body Type Analysis, so they are personalized for you. Proper balance is the key to a long and healthy life filled with vitality.

       These analyses also tell you what signs you should watch out for that indicate that you should take steps to restore balance and prevent disease.

       This Ayurvedic Analysis can be determined by an Ayurvedic practitioner or it can be determined on-line as you quickly scroll through a list of interactive screens. This on-line application gives you a complete analysis of your present state-of-balance, steps for restoring balance, your Mind/Body Type and Personalized Nutrition Guide, including the foods, exercises, and activities that are best for you and which you should avoid. It also gives you the signs to watch out for that indicate when you need to take steps to stay balanced. Place your order now or read on about further benefits that this analysis provides for you.

    100% Money Back Guarantee. Order it now! It will change your life!

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